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Hello, and welcome to Elleston Sells Las Vegas and I am pleased that you have finally found my start page!  Whether you purchased a home before, planning on purchasing in the future, new to home buying, or I may have simply directed your question to this site, I will show you how it all works!

By now, you have just left my home page with all the integrations to search any property listed for your criteria, viewed my welcome video, and read a little bit about who Elleston is and would like to know what’s next. For anyone who would like to know more, keep reading.


You will find my BUYERS page that I set up as my complete guide to purchasing and list any questions on where to start the process.  Also, I have set in place a complete guide and special tip for SELLERS in the next tab.  Here you will find where to start and answers you may have in selling your home.  In addition, you will see what factors are important towards listing and valuing your property.


Why Vegas? Around the world Las Vegas is viewed as the entertainment capital of the world.  Many people love the attractions, shows, nightlife and all the fun that comes along with a great vacation. Well, there is a whole lot more to Las Vegas than most of you see.  This is why I have set up a great and informative RELOCATION guide for you.  Here you will find fantastic information of  WHY Las Vegas in not just the best city, but reason why it’s the Best Place ON Earth! Whether you live here already or plan on living here, I encourage you to view my Relocation tab because I know you will definitely love what you see!

In addition to my new guide that will help you understand the world of  Real Estate, I have also integrated a special guide for INVESTORS.  Unfortunately, not every property is the same and there are many factors when it comes to Real Estate Investing.  If you are new to this or feel you need to polish up on the subject, well I have a special place for you on my Site! Please visit my INVESTORS page and let’s take your new purchase to the next step together.


I would like to THANK YOU again for finding my new START page and encourage you to get familiar with the website. Real Estate can be a heavy subject and there are numerous topics, disclosures and questions.  As you read, you may or may already have questions for me.  When you do, simply fill in the CONTACT ME info and I will get back to you shortly.  You may do this or send me a message directly to (702)612-8355.  I can’t wait to hear from you and please enjoy my site!