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Espinosa Team’s Top VEGAS Hidden Secrets…What’s yours?

ESPINOSA Team’s Top VEGAS Hidden Secrets…What’s yours?



*VIEW   Mix is a bar & restaurant 55 floors up in Mandalay Bay (go to the back of the casino, near where the doors to THE hotel are). You can go up for free right before sunset… have a drink while watching the sun setting over Vegas as all the lights come on. Best free high-view of the Strip in town. -Kris



*EAT  Wow! Eat in Vegas?! It’s an Endless subject here but if we’re talking hidden secrets, there’s one that’s a must.


At the Cosmopolitan there is a hidden pizza parlor that has no name! Forget all the fancy food and get down to the point when you are walking and enjoying the hotel. Head to where the large famous chandelier is and go up to the 3rd floor, across from STK steakhouse you’ll see a pool table. Look and you’ll see a long hallway (no signs). In doubt, ask for directions from there. Grab one of the best pizzas by the slice that only a few know about! -Carlos


*SAVE  I love checking out the free parks that the valley has for us. Town square is a great place to go shopping and you can take advantage of park in the center where kids can play and the best part… water shoots up from the ground. It’s plus on those hot days. (remember to leave extra clothes in the car!)


Container Park is fairly new and the kids will love this place. There’s a big tree house with a slide that’s over 30 feet long and large building blocks everyone can get creative with. It’s a great excuse to check out the newly developed Downtown. Thanks Zappos!  -Diane


*WATCH  I found this out back in high school when I finally bought my first car. If you drive up Sunset Blvd from the Strip, about a mile up you will find a designated area where you can park and watch the planes land as they come in! The parking is 24 hours and it’s beautiful at night. On the fence you’ll see a sign that tells you what radio station to dial and you can listen to the pilots speak to the tower just before they land! -Elleston


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