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    Espinosa Team’s Top VEGAS Hidden Secrets…What’s yours?

    ESPINOSA Team’s Top VEGAS Hidden Secrets…What’s yours?   *VIEW   Mix is a bar & restaurant 55 floors up in Mandalay Bay (go to the back of the casino, near where the doors to THE hotel are). You can go up for free right before sunset… have a drink while watching the sun setting over Vegas […]

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    Get Your Free CMA or REAL Price of Any Property in Vegas Now!

      There are many people out there that wonder the real value of a home and may be simply wasting time searching the internet. I would love to save you the trouble of searching large sites such as Zillow, Homes.com, or Trulia, getting the wrong price, thus costing you time and thousands of dollars. Now, […]

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    How a Real Estate Agent Can REALLY Save You!

    “Real Estate agents don’t do anything! They are just in your way of getting into the house that you want, and we are required to use them in order to make a purchase!” I had overheard this comment while patiently waiting in line at everybody’s favorite place- Wally-World…… a.k.a Wal-Mart. Of course, I was quite […]

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    Elleston’s Top 8 Questions You Want Answered, especially #2 .

    Elleston’s Top 8 Questions You Want Answered, especially #2 . As you already know, dealing with real estate can be a very complicated subject and frustrating.  One thing about me is that I love it when people ask me questions about this topic.  It was something that always interested me when I was a kid.  […]

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    The Home Buying Process: 7 Need-to-Know Steps!

    The 7 Need to Know Buying Steps You Always Wondered and Probably Already Asked!   For most of us buying a home is the most expensive purchase in our life. Making the right choices can save time, money and future headaches. I am often asked about the process and thought it might be helpful for home buyers […]

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